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PMT Junior Company Program is geared towards talented, young dancers with the drive to train and pursue dance with professional aspirations in mind.

Through the course of the intensive, students will be given a dance education that emphasizes form, technique, performance, knowledge of the industry and versatility. 

Under the guidance of teachers who are active and successful in the industry, students will gain a unique insight and wisdom to help each student maximize their potential.  This insight comes not only in their dance training, but workshops and other training events that will help students understand everything from branding to how create a resume and headshot. 

They will also attain the training needed to join PMT Dance Company performances – with the eventual goal of joining our company as a full-fledged member.  Select students will be given the unique opportunity to join PMT Dance Company performances such as their halftime show performances at Barclay’s Center and touring company shows. 

The program will culminate in a final performance for all students.  At this performance, or through the course of the program, students will gain exposure and evaluations from professionals in the field including choreographers, casting directors and agents.

While we hope this program will provide students with an inside track to the professional dance world, our greater purpose to provide an environment where students can better themselves as artists and individuals.  It is always our hope that students will find a higher quality of life through their pursuit and love for dance.  We hope students will recognize PMT as the place where they can find it.


Placement Audition Date

Date: 1/21/2018

Time: 3:30pm (Check In); Audition Starts at 4:00pm Sharply.

Allow 1-2 hours for the audition process.  This audition will be treated like a class.  Please prepare accordingly with all appropriate attire.

*A $25 application fee applies to all participants attending the placement audition.  If they are accepted, this fee shall be applied towards the student’s enrollment fee.  This fee is non-refundable. Paying audition fee now will secure your spot in the program.  

** You can also pay full tuition now. Early Bird discount apply if you register by 1/20. The $25 application fee is already included in it. Those who are not accepted into the program will be charged $50 which includes the placement auditions and processing fees and refunded the difference.

PMT Junior Company Program



2 Full Scholarships and 5 ½ scholarships shall be awarded each season to qualified participants. 

Those qualifying for a scholarship must still meet all the same requirements as other students.