Beata Wierzbicka

Beata Wierzbicka, was born and raised in Poland. At the age of 17, she started to attend dance classes where she got the fundamentals of various street dance styles. During few years’ cooperation with her teacher she had a chance to train, perform, participate numerous workshops, dance camps and dance festivals. She also got involved in teaching classes, at the beginning as an assistant, eventually teaching to her own classes.

In 2011, she left to Denmark for studies exchange program, working on her polish and danish engineer diploma in Business Management. After she graduated, she decided to follow her dreams and come to NYC. From all dance styles that she knew, breaking was the one she wanted to improve the most. In September 2013, for the first time she came to PMT Dance Studio and took class with Pavan Thimmaiah. It was in Pavan’s class that her talent and work ethic caught the eye of Mr. Thimmaiah. In short time, she was approached by Pavan to train with him privately while also continuing to train in sessions and other classes. In October 2015, Beata got approved for "International Student Visa Program" at Broadway Dance Center where she trained more in Street Dance styles and expend it to Jazz, Contemporary and basic Ballet. 

After Director Pavan Thimmaiah, Beata became the only Principal Dancer in PMT Dance Company who was trained in breaking. She has performed  with the company in various venues, including Alvin Ailey’s Citigroup Theater, the Baryshnikov Arts Center, The John Astin Theatre (Johns Hopkins University), New York Live Arts Theater and Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. She also had a chance to perform live on NBC's 'Today Show', at the halftime show for the NY Liberty at Madison Square Garden (2016) and pre-game show for the Brooklyn Nets at Barkley's Center (2017). 

In February 2017 she became an accredited BEAT Global Instructor after completing 6-months training program in Hip-Hop education methods and cypher-based pedagogy, focusing on Bboy/Bgirl dance instruction.

Beata is a principal dancer in PMT Dance Company.